wilner completeSpacecraft Press is proud to announce the publication of Brandon Wilner‘s The Complete Works of Brandon Wilner. A total of 30 copies were produced, 15 of which are for sale.

Expanding on bpNichol’s Complete Works, (in which bpNichol typed each character available on his machine at the time and included a note that said any combination of the included elements could be counted among his works), Brandon Wilner showcases the basic set of characters available to him in Apple’s TextEdit v 1.10. While TextEdit v 1.10 is capable of accommodating many different characters of UTF-8, the program offers far fewer options that originate from within itself; Wilner’s Complete Works contains only characters available in the program without copying and pasting from an outside sources.

Brandon Wilner is a reader, writer, and DJ who lives in New York. He is the co-author of Acknowledgements (Publication Studio), translator of Borges and Bioy Casares’ La Martona’s Yogurt (self-published), and the co-head of the reissue label Fake Music Re-Anticipations.

The image appearing on the cover of this chapbook is bpNichol’s Complete Works.

The Complete Works of Brandon Wilner is available for $3.00 including domestic postage (+$1 non-Canadian postage). To order, please contact Ken Hunt at Paypal is preferred. Money orders in CAN dollars are also accepted


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