bok xeno deluxeSpacecraft Press is proud to announce the publication of Ken Hunt‘s The Xenotext – Title Pages. A total of 40 copies were produced, exclusively for inclusion in the deluxe edition of Christian Bök‘s The Xenotext: Book 1, from which the series of visual poems was excerpted.

Each section title page in The Xenotext contains two images: the first one is a grid of pixels, converting the section title into a QR code; the second is a grid of pixels, depicting the outcome after the QR code has been subjected to the Game of Life – an algorithm invented by the mathematician John Conway to study the behaviour of cellular automata.

Christian Bök is the author of Eunoia (Coach House Books, 2001), a bestselling work of experimental literature that has gone on to win the Griffin Prize for Poetic Excellence (2002). Crystallography (Coach House Press, 1994), his first book of poetry, has been nominated for the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award (1995). Nature has interviewed Bök about his work on The Xenotext (making him the first poet ever to appear in this famous journal of science).



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