beaulieu - chessboard.JPGSpacecraft Press is proud to announce the release of derek beaulieu’s Chessboard (for Christian Bök). A total of 40 copies were produced, 20 of which are for sale.

derek beaulieu’s visual poem Chessboard (for Christian Bök) presents an 8×8 grid of monochromatic squares, an image inspired by the pixellated portraits of the newly discovered Trappist-1 planetary system (available online). The Trappist planetary system, named by NASA after an order of monks whose members rarely spoke, contains seven roughly Earth-sized planets which orbit an ultra-cool dwarf star. Three of these planets orbit the star (which is, itself, only slightly larger than Jupiter), within its “habitable zone”. In other words, these three planets are more likely than the others in the system to be habitable, or possibly to support extraterrestrial life.

Chessboard (for Christian Bök) is available for $5.00 including domestic postage (+$1 non-Canadian postage). To order, please contact Ken Hunt at Paypal is preferred. Money orders in CAN dollars are also accepted.


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