bulhoff voxel

Spacecraft Press is proud to announce the publication of Andreas Bülhoff’s VOXEL POEM. A total of 50 copies were produced, 25 of which are for sale.

VOXEL POEM is an excerpt from Andreas Bülhoff’s 11-piece series of voxel poems. Each poem in the series uses English, eight-letter words. The text of these poems is aligned in such a way that, when cube blueprint upon which the poems are written is cut out, the faces of the resulting cube can be read by rotating the cube in any direction, creating several possible poems from the same set of words. In addition, when cubes have been constructed from all 11 pieces in the series, these cubes can be combined and permutated into larger ‘superstructures’ which also create meaningful poems.

Andreas Bülhoff was born in the Ruhr-area in 1987 and currently lives in Berlin. He is the editor of text at Der Greif – Magazine for Photography and Literature. His poetry has appeared in several magazines and anthologies such as randnummer, STILL, Westfalen, sonst nichts?, and

VOXEL POEM is available for $3.00 including domestic postage (+$1 non-Canadian postage). To order, please contact Ken Hunt at Paypal is preferred. Money orders in CAN dollars are also accepted.



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