DSC_0002Spacecraft Press is proud to announce the publication of Adam Petrash’s ‘a’. A total of 30 copies were produced, 15 of which are for sale.

Adam Petrash’s ‘a’ is appropriated and manipulated from the book A Study of Association in Insanity by Grace Helen Kent. The poem’s text is from the statistical treatment of results obtained from an association test. One thousand subjects were given one hundred spoken words (e.g. table, dark, music, sickness, man…), and then directed to react with the first word which he or she thought of. Results were then documented showing all the different reactions given in response to the stimulus word, and the numerical frequency with which each reaction had occurred. ‘a.’ alphabetizes and collates all the ‘a’ results from each of the one hundred stimulus words, and then strictly omits the letter in all its findings.

Adam Petrash is a writer, poet, journalist, and the author of the novella, The Ones to Make it Through (Phantom Paper Press 2015). He has written articles, book reviews, and interviews for Canstar Community News, Drums Etc. MagazineThe Uniter, The Winnipeg Free Press, and The Winnipeg Review. His fiction is forthcoming or has appeared in journals such as CHEAP POP, Luna Luna Magazine and WhiskeyPaper, and his poems inAfter the Pause and Lemon Hound. He lives and writes in Winnipeg.

‘a’ is available for $3.00. To order, please contact Ken Hunt at Paypal is preferred. Money orders in CAN dollars are also accepted


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