DSC_0001Spacecraft Press is proud to announce the publication of Peter Watts’s The Things, as a 12-page chapbook. A total of 21 copies of this chapbook were produced, 10 of which are for sale.

Peter Watts`s short story The Things, inspired by John Carpenter`s film The Thing, presents an existential nightmare via the perspective of an interstellar traveller, “a soldier at war with entropy”, stranded on an alien plant, amidst hostile beings incapable of understanding the significance of the traveller`s mission. The beings the traveller encounters are tragically unable to comprehend their isolation and fragility, and lash out against the traveller, frightened of relinquishing “the paradox of their biology”. The Things also appears online in Issue #40 of the Hugo Award-winning science fiction & fantasy magazine Clarkesworld.

The Things is available for $15.00 including domestic postage (+$3 non-Canadian postage). To order, please contact Ken Hunt at Paypal is preferred. Money orders in CAN dollars are also accepted.



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