DSC_0003Spacecraft Press is proud to announce the publication of Beth Langford’s Childhood of the Automaton Girls. A total of 50 copies were requisitioned by the author.

Set in the future, Childhood of the Automaton Girls follows the cyborg equivalents of the canonical stepsisters of fairytale fame, (whose roles in their original fables mimic those of automatons). When the fairytale ends, the stepsisters leave home to face the isolation of the mechanical, industrial world of adulthood. They are severed not only from their ‘good’ sister, with her determinate future, but from each other. The poem engages with the compartmentalizing and dehumanizing effects of industrialized culture, the oppressive roles imposed upon women in literature, and the unraveling of family ties.

Beth Langford lives in Calgary, amid a flock of pigeons and a brood of excavators and dump trucks. She currently serves as poetry editor at Ideomancer Speculative Fiction, and has served as poetry editor at filling Station.

Childhood of the Automaton Girls is not available for purchase, as all copies were requisitioned by the author for design and printing by Spacecraft Press.



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